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I’m fascinated by the interstice between perception and understanding- the latent image. Accident, obfuscation: the feeling that there is something else, beyond the obvious, beyond the visible- tangible, visceral, peripheral, yet elusive and unknowable- the impossibility of true connection. My work explores that threshold both literally and metaphorically- that impossible, liminal space in which I often find myself. 
Entropy or One… is a series in three parts:
– Second Moment is about a period of time when I couldn’t move forward or backward, when I was both dissolving and becoming- the laws of physics: inertia, reciprocity failure- ghost photography.
– Anodyne is: unbridled, abandoned (as in let go of, released), antonym (as in the opposite of how I was), latent, inverse.
– One is as much about a rebirth as it is about the act of looking, “Everything that has form is only known through the sense of touch, and sight reveals only visible surfaces…”
Beseech is both a private elegy and a series of questions that serve as a through line in each of my series: Is to see to know? Is to know to see? Is it possible to see beyond and through the physical limitations of ones’ own body, ones’ own mind?
In the act of photographing I am seeking to know something beyond myself yet intrinsically connected, the narratives are non-linear, the exploration is ongoing, “A piece of writing about a single person could be presented as any number of discreet portraits, each distinct from the others and thematic in character, leaving the chronology of the subject’s life to look after itself.”


(First quote by the German philosopher Gottfried Herder, second quote by John McFee from the New Yorker)